5 Fashion Trends That Still Trendy in 2020

Welcoming the beginning of the year, predicted trends that will dominate 2020 increasingly widespread, including in the world of fashion. There are some things that will be left behind, some will remain trendy. Without having to shop for the latest fashion items, you can easily take advantage of timeless fashion items in your wardrobe.

You have to say goodbye to some fashion items like ugly sneakers, bike shorts, padded headbands, small sunglasses, to transparent bags. You can also look more feminine with knitwear that will still be a fashion trend in 2020.

Before you plan to change your appearance and style at the beginning of this year, first know the fashion trends that will still be cool and maintained in 2020. Anything? Consider the following summary.


Blazers can be combined with a variety of other fashion items, ranging from jeans to wearing tight pants. This suit is one of the main keys to dress women.

This trendy outfit can be worn in a variety of settings, whether serious or hot. Mix and match can be done with a smart style.

Choose simple, natural blazer colors like black and brown to keep you fashionable despite the changing fashion trends.

Animal print

Although the cheetah midi skirt looks ‘excessive’, but animal print will still dominate in 2020. You can save fashion items nuanced animal print to complete the style in the coming year.

Puff sleeve

The puff sleeve will also last in 2020. This romantic detail has the power to enhance the wearer’s appearance.


Inspired by grandma’s style, but make your appearance in a touch of contemporary fashion. Knitwear and less tidy appearance are comfortable and will still be cool in 2020.

Monochromatic outfit

From the touch of white in winter to brown caramel, neutral colors are never wrong. On the other hand, make your appearance in 2020 wrapped in monochromatic nuances.

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