7 Style Tips On Street Style That Look More Luxurious And Glamorous

Street style is often associated with a messy and irregular style. However, if you want to display luxury and glamorous style it is not without challenges. With a few modifications to the style of the street style you wear, you will look charming and cool.

Don’t worry and get confused, now street style can also be seen with a trendier, smoother, and luxurious look. Here are some tricks so that street style looks more luxurious and glamorous.

Combining several trends together

Don’t just show one trend. Dare to determine your personal style by combining all your favorite trends, such as boots, baker boy hats, and a combination of the two.

Use tight pants

Tight pants, such as slim leggings will make each outfit look more perfect. Tights can also be used as a smooth transition from daytime to night look.

You can try wearing a jumpsuit

Today many people are still obsessed with jumpsuit. You can combine a jumpsuit with a black leather jacket for a luxurious look.

Use of socks

Socks are usually used as a statement of your appearance. For a more feminine feel and a more perfect overall look, use socks with lace details.

Add a striking rainbow color

Giving a slight touch of striking rainbow colors can add a luxurious feel to your overall look in the simplest way.


Sometimes the simplest details can make the most striking statements. Insert a little off-shoulder style when you wear a jacket or fur coat will be an interesting way to display the impression of luxury.

Customize the look with friends

Not a twin, but adjusting the style with friends can complement your own look. Start with the choice of colors, textures, and patterns of the clothes used.

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