Tips On Choosing A Good And Right Lip Gloss

Of all types of cosmetic products, lip gloss is one of the easiest makeup items to use. Simply apply as needed, without the need to use a mirror, and you are ready to look stunning. As you know, the condition of dry and chapped lips will be very uncomfortable. In addition, it can reduce the appearance of beauty.

Therefore, you need to know a few tips for choosing a good and right lip gloss before buying it. Come on, note some rules for choosing the following lip gloss.

Choose the right color

Tips on choosing the first lip gloss is about choosing the right color. If you really want a “no make up look” makeup look, you should always use a bright or nude type of lip gloss. Lip gloss with bright colors will still look neat and create a more natural appearance as we wish.

In addition, adjust the color of lip gloss with your skin color. For example, olive-skinned girls should avoid yellow and choose a palette that tends to blue. Know what colors you should buy before trying out the various lip gloss colors available.

Consider a budget

The important thing in choosing lip gloss is the budget problem you have. Think about how much routine budget you have to spend to buy lip gloss. If you have limited funds, first try some lip gloss brands that are usually in pharmacies or super markets, or other brands that are sold freely at affordable prices.

Contains SPF

Most women may be very concerned about sunscreen to protect the face from sun exposure. However, lip skin is often just forgotten. So, if you can buy a lip gloss product that contains SPF, this is a very brilliant idea. In addition to protecting the skin of the lips from getting dark, SPF will prevent lip skin cells from being damaged by the sun’s UV rays.


Most women will choose the type of lip gloss that can last long or stick throughout the day. If you buy lip gloss, choose one that contains color tones to make it last longer and don’t need to apply it every few hours.

Do not stick

Often, when you meet with friends or family, you might greet and kiss your cheeks. Some types of lip gloss will leave stains or marks because they are made of material that easily attaches to other surfaces. For example when drinking, then the lip gloss will stick to the side of the glass or when kissing the cheek, the former lip gloss will also stick.

Therefore, consider when choosing lip gloss to try it on the back of your hand. This action can be a good indicator to find out how well the lip gloss will stick or not.

Exfoliate lips regularly

Lip skin that is often exposed to dust, pollution or remnants of makeup that cannot be cleaned, can sometimes trigger skin problems. Like: chapped lips, dry skin, peeling, until the lips look black or dark. To overcome this, the lips need to be exfoliated or exfoliated regularly. Its function is to maintain the health and moisture of the lips that appear pink blush naturally.

Exfoliate your lips regularly, especially before applying lip gloss. This will help the lip gloss stick to last longer and not break the color. How to exfoliate lips is quite easy. You can use sugar and a little water and rub it on your lips or use a moisturizing product and warm towel to gently rub it on your lips.

Don’t rub your lips often

After applying lip gloss, avoid closing lips or rubbing the upper and lower lip together. This tends to make the lip gloss unable to stick and the lip makeup looks uneven in color. Just use an applicator such as a cotton bud or lip brush to apply lip gloss over the surface of the lips to make it more evenly perfect.

Well, now you already know a few tips to consider about how to choose lip gloss. Are you ready to try it? Or you might have other tips that you want to share? Come on, share in the comments column

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