Natural Makeup Tips For Beginners To Look Beautiful And Not Flashy

Makeup has become a necessity for every woman. Every day, make up has become a routine for various activities. To work, to campus, to travel, even to school, makeup is still needed. Of course, because makeup does make someone more confident. In addition, makeup is also able to make the face look fresher and not dull.

However, not everyone likes makeup that is too thick. Natural makeup is a lot of popularity among women. Therefore, the appearance of natural makeup does not cause excessive makeup. Natural makeup is also not too different from the appearance of the original face. Thus, a person’s appearance does not seem excessive and makes missed.

Even so, it is not uncommon for people who like to make up bold because they feel more satisfied and able to cover various deficiencies on the face well. Thick or natural makeup that you choose, it’s fine, as long as its use is appropriate in its place. Actually, natural makeup also has benefits for you know. Especially for you who are just learning to make up.

Natural makeup tips

1. Make sure your face is clean before wearing makeup

Before applying makeup, make sure your face is cleaned first, Girls. A clean face will make makeup easier to stick to and last longer. You also don’t want your face to break out easily because you don’t wash your face before makeup. You can clean your face using facial foam, then continue using toner and skincare such as essence and serum. The first step in these natural makeup tips, don’t miss it!

2. Apply moisturizer according to skin type

In natural makeup, after cleansing your face and applying skincare, you can use a moisturizer according to skin type. Actually not only for makeup, this moisturizer is needed for every day so that the face remains moist and hydrated. In addition to moisturizing the face, this moisturizer can also make makeup stick well.

Both oily skin or dry skin, both need a moisturizer you know. For oily skin, you can choose a moisturizer that gives a matte effect but still moisturizing. For maximum results, you can apply a moisturizer that contains SPF and is able to protect the skin from UV rays. So, your skin will still be protected. Also, keep in mind that when applying moisturizer, your hands must be clean!

3. Use foundation or BB cream

After using a moisturizer, prepare a foundation or BB cream with a color that matches your skin tone. For natural makeup results, you can choose a foundation or BB cream that is not too coverage. Apply evenly to your face using a brush or sponge so that the results are better and blending on the face.

Well, how to apply this foundation you should also pay attention to Girls. You can use it for only thinly. Do not forget to apply on the neck so it does not look striped.

4. Apply a concealer if necessary

If you have acne scars or dark circles under the eyes that are not covered by foundation, you can apply concealer. Choose a concealer color that is one level brighter than skin color for application under the eyes. Now, just use a thin layer and blend until evenly distributed and not cracked. If it is felt with the foundation, the various deficiencies on your face can be covered, you can skip this natural makeup tips.

5. Use powder, especially in oily areas of the face

So that your makeup is not easy to slide and fade, the next step you can apply the powder. If your foundation has a mattifying effect, you can apply powder to just oily areas such as the T-zone area. So that the results are natural, you can choose loose powder or transluscent powder. Then for dry skin, you can choose to use compact powder.

Avoid two-way cake powder which actually makes your makeup thick, yes. In addition, choose a powder that matches your skin color. In applying powder, you can use a brush to be more evenly distributed and not too many products are used. Just brush it thinly so that the results are more natural.

6. Use a soft color blush so it doesn’t pale

So that your face doesn’t look pale, after using powder, you can apply blush on. In this natural makeup, the choice of blush color must be in accordance with the undertone of the skin, Girls. For you with undertone cool, you can choose the color of pink blush. Meanwhile, if your undertone is warm, you should use a peach or orange blush.

After choosing the right blush, apply just using a thin brush on your cheek. If you feel the blush is too thick, you can coat it with powder anyway. Oh yeah, the blush forms vary. There is a cream blush or powder blush. For cream blush, it should be applied before using the powder. The goal is that you do not slide the powder.

7. The eyebrow image follows its original shape

Drawing eyebrows on these natural makeup tips, you have to follow the shape. If you already have neat and thick eyebrows, you can simply comb them with an eyebrow comb. Comb from the tip of the eyebrows until they come out following the direction of your eyebrow growth. Meanwhile, if your eyebrows are not thick enough, you can draw them thin according to their shape.

Avoid drawing eyebrows that are too fluffy, because it will only make your makeup less natural. In addition, you also do not need to frame the eyebrows too far from the original shape. You can also choose the color of your eyebrow pencil according to your hair color and the original color of your eyebrows to make it look natural.

8. Use neutral eye shadow

The next natural makeup step is to use eye shadow with natural colors like brown or nude. You simply apply it on the thin eyelids using a special eye shadow brush. If you want to use shimmer colors, choose one that isn’t too shimmer, but satin finished. Brush lightly in the middle area of the eyelid so that your eyes look fresh. But if you don’t want to use eye shadow shimmer, just one layer of natural eye shadow is enough to make your eyes not look blank.

9. Use mascara so that the eyelashes are curling

The next step in natural makeup tips is to wear mascara. You don’t need to wear fake eyelashes, because it will look excessive. Now, before applying mascara, prepare an eyelash curler and a cotton bud to clean the smudged mascara. Pinch your eyelashes so they are curved, then slowly apply mascara.

10. Use spray settings so that the makeup lasts long

For the final step, you can use the spray setting so that the makeup is more durable. Especially if you are lazy to touch up. However, you can skip this option.

Now that’s the Girls natural makeup tips for your everyday. Guaranteed you will not be seen medok and menor as long as the choice of colors for the makeup is also right. Of course, this natural makeup can be applied in a short time. But it can also take a long time if you are a beginner who is learning make up. Most importantly, complete your makeup tools and replace immediately if it has expired. Then, don’t forget to clean the makeup tools regularly. In addition, you still have to apply skin care, so in addition to your beautiful skin is also healthy.

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