More Beautiful With The Popular Hair Style Of 2020

Many people believe that the new year is the right time to change appearance to look different. One of them is by changing hairstyles with a more attractive impression and of course with the trend of 2020 hairstyles that are cooler. I wonder what hairstyle will be the trend in 2020? Is perm hair still going to be a trend?

Rather than you obsessed with a list of resolutions that have not been realized in the previous year or maybe still thinking about new achievements, what if you start 2020 with a new appearance? For more details, here are a few models to the predicted hair color that will become a trend in 2020. Check it out, guys!

Modern Shaggy 

The shaggy haircut is no stranger to your ears. You could say this one haircut is never timeless. In 2020, even this shaggy hairdo is predicted to become one of the most popular hairstyle trends among women of all ages. This year, shaggy hairstyles don’t only prioritize layer pieces, but there will be a few touches that make shaggy hairstyles look more stylish. Shaggy hairstyles this year can be applied to short or long hair.

The shag

Although equally layered, but the shag is different from the shaggy hairdo. The haircut shag which is predicted to be part of the 2020 hairstyle trend is a layered hair model that accentuates the sharpness of the hair tip. Maybe it could be said to be a hairstyle inspired by rock n roll era hairstyles of the 90s. Hair with sharp models in each of these textures can be used with or without bangs.

Invisible Layers

If the shag features a sharp hair model, then the invisible layers are a haircut model consisting of fine layers. Hairstyles that will become the trend for 2020 hairstyles have hairstyles where the hair layer usually starts from the bottom of the chin, this serves to give the impression of more volume in the hair without reducing its length. This layering technique is suitable for medium to long hair.

Pixie haircut

Short haircuts like the pixie hair model will also be one part of the 2020 hair trend. This haircut is not only associated with women who are androgynous, but also able to create your appearance to be fresher and younger. Treatment for pixie haircut is also more practical and suitable for you who don’t like complicated things.

Bouncy ponytail

Having long hair sometimes makes it hot and hot, but you can work around this by tying your hair into a ponytail. This hairstyle is arguably the most simple and easy to use every day but to get a sweeter appearance, you can give a bouncy touch by adding curly at the bottom of the hair.

Low ponytail

In addition to adding curly under the hair, the ponytail style that is also a hairstyle trend in 2020 is a low ponytail. As the name suggests, this ponytail style is not tied high above the head but tied low on the back of your neck. Low ponytail in 2020 is decorated with a touch of sleek that is suitable for use on various occasions, both parties and for every day. To be more on point, you can also add a hairpiece to enhance your low ponytail ties.

Half up ponytail

Half up ponytail is also one of the hairstyles that will become a trend in 2020. As the name suggests Half up ponytail only ties half the hair at the top and some hair at the bottom is left loose. This one hairstyle looks casual and dynamic. This hairstyle can be used for various events both casual and formal depending on the smart you set it.

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