Female Haircut Models According To Face Shape

Hair is a woman’s crown that can be changed into various models. The hairdo is one of the things you should pay attention to in fashion. Because a good hairstyle and suitable for you will make you appear confident. You will also be more satisfied with the female hairstyle you have.

However, choosing a hairstyle cannot be careless. Especially if you want to look always beautiful and not out of date. Maybe you will do many things to take care of your hair in the salon. But you also don’t forget that choosing a hairstyle based on cool trends isn’t enough. You must use a woman’s hairstyle that matches the shape of your face.

If you can choose a woman’s haircut according to the shape of the face, then you will have a more balanced appearance. Even if the ideal hairdo with face shape, your posture can also be better you know. Of course, every person has a different face shape and has their own uniqueness. There are round, square, long, diamond, triangle and oval faces. Then, how do I check the shape of your face? Check out the following review.

Women’s haircuts according to face shape

If you already know the shape of your face, then just choose the right hairdo. Here are some haircuts that fit your face shape that you can make an inspiration:

1. Round face shape

Like to feel inferior with the shape of your face that is round and chubby? No need to be inferior, Girls. You just choose the right hairstyle so that your round face looks ideal with your hair. The following are the hairstyle tips you can choose:

  • Use layered haircuts/layers

One hairstyle that is suitable for your round face is a layer model. Even though your hair is short, with this layer model your chubby cheeks can be disguised. However, do not choose a hairstyle that is too short, yes.

  • Use the side bangs model

Now, using the side bangs model can also make your face look longer you know. Especially if your hair is short, then just use side bangs. Oh yeah, you don’t need to force your face to be covered with bangs either. You can make natural bangs Girls so that your beautiful shine more radiated.

  • Use a haircut that is longer than the chin

The most important haircut for a round face is not too short. At the very least, just cut your hair longer than the chin so that your round face is more disguised. Avoid short curly or curly hair models limited to the cheeks.

2. Oval face shape

For you who have an oval face, various female hairstyles can match you. Usually, you who have an oval face have a face length that is bigger than the width of the cheekbones. Your forehead is usually wider than your jaw. Even though it suits any hairstyle, you still have to avoid hairstyles that make your face seem longer. For example, beehive models, spikes, and so forth.

Hairstyle recommendations for oval faces: long wavy hairstyles, long straight bob hairstyles, medium short straight bob hairstyles, shaggy wavy with bangs.

3. Square face shape

If the shape of your face is square, the jaws usually tend to stand out and appear firm at an angle. Then, the width of the upper face will tend to be the same as the bottom face. Now, in choosing a female haircut model, you should know the following tips:

  • It is better to choose a long hairstyle

You can choose a long hairstyle, Girls. The goal is to make the sides of your face more defined and not stiff.

  • Use long bangs

For your square face, try to choose a long bangs model. Because, short bangs, especially straight models will only make the shape of your face still seem stiff.

  • Avoid too short hair models

You also need to avoid women’s hair cuts that are too short. So that the jaw and side of the face do not seem too stiff.

In essence, you should choose a hairstyle that will make the effects of your facial features look smoother and not too firm.

Hairstyle recommendations that you can choose for a square face: wavy hairstyles with side bangs, long straight hairstyles, short straight bob hairstyles, long layer hairstyles.

4. Triangular face shape

In the shape of a triangular face, usually the chin will be long. In addition, the distance of the temple will be wider than the distance of the base of the jaw. Tips, you should choose a hairstyle that can highlight the side of your face and make your chin not look too sharp. The following are recommendations for women’s haircuts for triangular faces that you can choose: wave bob hairstyles with bangs, pixie cut.

Here are some female hairstyles that you can choose for your appearance to be more ideal. Isn’t it hard to actually choose a hairstyle according to your face shape? The most important thing besides choosing the right hairstyle, you also have to take good care of your hair.

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