9 Mistakes Made When Using Skincare You Need To Know

Many new skincare products make you may always want to buy and try it. But, many even end up getting skin problems like acne. Therefore, you might assume that the skincare products used are not suitable. In fact, these skin problems can arise as a result of basic errors in the use of skincare which is often forgotten like the following.

1. Do not use makeup remover

There are still many people who think that water and facial foam is enough to clean the face of all makeup particles that stick to the face. In fact, you need a makeup remover to remove makeup that is difficult to clean.

Not using a makeup remover will make your pores clogged and breakouts. The use of makeup remover is also very simple and effective, just dripping on cotton and rubbing it on the face.

2. Do not use toner

Toners are useful for restoring pH balance and preparing the skin for subsequent facial treatments such as using serum and other facial creams. By using toner, you can avoid dryness, irritation and redness on facial skin. Use a toner that suits your skin type.

3. Using powder to remove oil on the face

There are still many people who always cover excess oil on the face using powder. In fact, it will only clog your pores. Better to use a wet tissue to remove excess oil on the face.

4. Wash your face before bathing

If you take a shower after cleaning your face, there are still many chemicals that have the potential to enter your facial skin. For example from shampoos that have a lot of chemical contents such as silicon, parabens, and other particles that are not needed for the face.

5. Do not use sunscreen

Using sunscreen is very important both outside and inside the room so that the skin is kept awake from surrounding radiation and ultraviolet rays. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF 30 content when you are indoors and SPF 50 when outdoors.

6. Choose products that do not match your skin type

Imagine if you have oily skin types, but you use products for dry skin types. Dry skin skincare aims to add oil to hydrate skin, while oily skin needs products that can control excess oil expenditure.

If your skin type is oily, using skincare for dry skin will actually make your skin more oily and have other adverse effects on the skin. Therefore, choose skincare that suits your skin type.

7. Using skincare with excessive portions

A lot or a little, will not accelerate the effects of skincare used. It actually makes you wasteful and your skincare is fast or vice versa. So, use the product regularly and enough so that the results will be more effective.

8. Exfoliate too often

Exfoliated skin will be drier too often. Thus, the face will produce more oil which will cause pimples and blackheads.

It is better to exfoliate once a week. Then, see the reaction to facial skin. If the results are good, you can do it more often. But, a maximum of two or three times a week.

9. Do not read the instructions for use and the ingredients used in skincare

Skincare is personal and gives a different effect on each user. So, it’s important for you to check what ingredients are right for your skin.

Well, there are some mistakes in using skincare that are still being done. Try to fix it if you still often make mistakes above.

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