7 The Best Lipstick Ideas For Making Maximum Beauty

Are you having problems choosing lipstick or color? For example, when the dark red color from brand A looks right on your skin, but the color that at first glance looks similar and makes your face look pale?

7 The Best Lipstick Ideas For Making Maximum Beauty

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Not only that, do you often feel confused when you want to buy a lipstick for example with the many types and colors of lipstick available on the market? If so, then this article is worth your further reading. Below, we will discuss tips on choosing a lipstick that is suitable for women in Indonesia and give some recommendations for the best lipstick products that you should try.

If you are afraid of that, look for a lipstick that has one to two colors deeper than your natural lip color. To test how close the color of the lipstick is to the natural color of the lips, apply lipstick only to the lower lip. Compare that color with your upper lip. By using these tips, you can have lip colors that look natural and natural.

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Source: stylecaster.com

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So that you look beautiful with makeup like lipstick look for pink, coral, peach, nude, or cream are the best colors for women with white or bright skin. If you have medium skin, try mauve, light purple, or berry colors. If you have brown skin, try to avoid brown and purple colors and use orange. Most other colors will look good. Try coral or pink. If you have deep skin tones, try chocolate or purples like caramel or grapes.

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