7 Makeup Ideas Looks That Will Make Every Hour Stay fresh

Make yourself beautiful is the dream of all women, especially make it easy and in accordance with what we want but makeup also needs to be adjusted to the needs. If only to go hangout then just use natural makeup. In addition to easier techniques, the advantages of using natural makeup will make the face look natural and beautiful.

7 Makeup Ideas Looks That Will Make Every Hour Stay fresh

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Because this natural makeup will adjust the color of your skin. Because of the importance of the use of makeup, everyone wants long-lasting makeup. Unfortunately, not all facial skin can be applied to make up and can last long. Especially oily skin. The reason is, excessive oil production on the face can cause makeup to not last long, which requires you to touch up frequently.

What you should pay attention to when putting on makeup is to wash your face with facial cleansers and water that is neither cold nor hot because it has the potential to damage your skin. Cleaning your face means cleansing dirt on the surface of the skin and allowing your make up to be evenly distributed to all facial skin. Do this every time before and after wearing makeup because if not, the rest of the makeup and dirt will stick and trigger problems on the face. Gently wipe using your hands on your face. You can also use a special cleaning cloth for the face. Facial cleansing is the main thing if you are going to make up so that it lasts all day and you can move comfortably without having to fear that your makeup will fade and last long.

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If you want to change to wear makeup clean makeup afterward. Choose a makeup remover that easily removes waterproof makeup, does not irritate the skin and works effectively. Especially if you are sued to be able to change makeup for sudden events. This method also makes the skin stay fresh and healthy after the face is filled with makeup.

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