9 Extraordinary Beauty Korean Lip Color Must You See

Beauty is indeed a normal thing for women, ranging from hair, makeup and outfit. Surely it will never be bored with makeup especially Korean style, not to mention the Korean style of lipstick that is very charming. from five years can also make a fresh appearance.

9 Extraordinary Beauty Korean Lip Color Must You See

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Actually it makes it fairly easy and you can do to get a Korean lip style, according to the makeup tool you want to use. Women often use the hot pink color chosen to accompany the bright summer. If you like the hot pink color for the lips, you can use the Peripera brand. does not make the lips dry because it has a super-moisturizing effect. Actually, the Korean-style lip color is a lot like the color of the very favorite Korean-style coral, to get the coral color on the lips you can use the Peripera Ink product The Airy Velvet in Apricot Coral.

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On lips that are already small, ombre Korean-style lips will actually give the illusion of smaller lips. Then because of the illusion of smaller lips, the face also automatically looks wider. Although my lips tend to be big, I myself am less fond of Korean-style ombre lips, because they make my face look wider.

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