10 There Are Things You Must Know If You Stop Wearing Makeup

For those of you who always wear makeup, especially women, of course, it has become a daily necessity. In fact, some women are so dependent on makeup that they don’t feel confident when they go outdoors without using it. Some women are free to make up only while sleeping.

10 There Are Things You Must Know If You Stop Wearing Makeup

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Makeup will make you prettier and certainly very interesting to make you confident when hanging out or dating a lover but have you ever thought about what will happen to you when you stop using makeup? Surely you are no longer as confident as when you wear it. When you are very dependent on makeup, the thing that happens when you stop doing it again is fear of appearance. Do

I look tired? Less attractive? Are those people talking about me? This question you may feel in your heart. You will feel unsure about going outside without makeup at first. Certainly not wearing makeup there are also positive things, Makeup by applying foundation, concealer, blush, and contouring makes too many layers on your skin. This can cover the pores so as to trigger the appearance of skin problems, such as acne and black spots. When you stop using makeup, you give the skin time to rest.

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You can also see your skin slowly becoming cleaner. Naturally beautiful will be obtained if you do not wear makeup and you will look younger For those of you who always use thick makeup every day will usually appear black spots on facial skin. This is a sign of aging. When you stop your makeup you will look much younger because of your blushing.

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