9 Summer Skirt Outfit That Gives A New Look Today

When summer fashion also follows its path, various types of clothing are presented for our needs, ranging from dress pants and skirts. As we know many who wear skirts as their subordinates because skirts make us more feminine and beautiful.

9 Summer Skirt Outfit That Gives A New Look Today

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See therefore we must be more selective in choosing clothes. Skirts become a comfortable choice because they are usually cut loose and made without a bulkhead like a pair of pants. Meanwhile, get rid of your favorite jeans and start wearing a long dress that is casual and chic. No need to look girly. Look at celebrity and blogger appearance Sohar Foad who looks very relaxed with a choice of striped H-line dress.

How to disguise the curve of the waist and hips he added to the long vest. And most importantly, to create comfort he prefers to wear sneakers that match his shirt. While wearing a wider A-line silhouette skirt, he combines it with a plain white top. Then, he paired with strap shoes which became the favorite footwear for women in the summer.

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Mini skirts can also be your choice to hang out this summer, mini skirts are currently the most popular in a long time one of which is a crop top. This fashion item is proven to be combined with any outfit. The combination of crop top and miniskirt produces a dazzling look for anyone and anywhere. Suitable for just walking or going out of the house. Try to blend crop top and miniskirt with matching motifs.

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